Welcome to KiwiSun!

We are the first and only Sunbathingsalon in Iceland that works with Green Light.

Opening Hours
Mo-Fr: 10:00 – 23:00
Sat: 10:00 – 22:00
Sun: 10:00 – 22:00

In case you have any questions or want to book an appointment, feel free to call us!
(+354) 7700232


Green Light Solarium

Our sun benches do not contain quartz halogen lights, which make the light feel soft and comfortable. We use 3UV green light, which can make a long lasting and natural skin tone. Our lamps can provide Vitamin D, increase endorphins and help with skin unevenness.

The green colour of the light can reduce stress , so you can have a relaxing and mind-calming experience.

Our Devices

Keeping the devices and the whole Salon clean is our priority! This sign promises a completely sterilized cabin.


KiwiSun Sólbaðstofa
Borgartún 22
105 Reykjavík


  • Vardi ehf
  • Borgartún 22
  • 105 Reykjavík
  • Kt: 6104170510
  • +3548618292
  • vsk:128836
  • Mail: vardi.ehf@gmail.com
  • Starfsleyfi https://imgur.com/Q9EVj19

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7min 875kr
10min 1.250kr
12min 1.500kr
14min 1.750kr
17min 2.125kr
21min 2.625kr
24min 3.000kr
28min 3.500kr


  • 70min 8.200kr ( 7.500kr)
  • 140min 15.400kr (13.900kr)
  • 280min 26.500kr (24.500kr)

Our member cards are valid for 180 days.
The Offer Prices apply for refilling the card before using it completely.


  • Carribean Brown 22.800kr
    Two times per week 14min tanning, + 3 of our 20ml Lotions. Valid for two months.
  • Tan and Tone 22.800kr
    Two times per week 14min tanning, + Vibro Training, + 3 of our 20ml Lotions. Valid for one month.